There are a lot of confusing words around sustainable farming.

We try to keep things as simple as possible. We will outline our practices here, but if you have a question about how we grow your food, please ask us.

Transparency is key to growing a sustainable food market.

We are ASH Free. This means we don't use antibiotics, steroids or hormones. In addition, we don't use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The only thing we add to our pastures is composted manure from our livestock.  We seed our pastures from time to time when spots are looking bare. Sometimes we use certified organic seed and sometimes we use commercial seeds. 

Sustainability starts in the soil.

We plow our garden with hogs and we till it with a mower attachment and chickens. We utilize rain and pond water. We electrify our fences with solar. We take down old buildings and reuse the wood, doors and windows. We practice crop rotation. We let pastures and woodlots rest. We reforest. We compost everything. We will continue to work on becoming a more sustainable farm as we grow.

All of our livestock is raised on pasture.

We feed grain that we grind and mix here on the farm. We use our local feed mill for non-gmo corn, soy, oats, and wheat. We buy organic ingredients from a feed place in town. It's a lot of work to gather, grind and mix all of the feed, but it is the only way we can ensure what is in the feed that we provide to our animals.

Humane treatment of our livestock is a priority.

"Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be." - Temple Grandin. We don't believe in gestation crates. Our sows deliver in an open barn or on pasture, if they like. All of our animals are processed humanely in an Animal Welfare Certified facility. We give them treats, scratches behind the ears and belly rubs.

Fairness for everyone.

The world is not perfect, we know this. We do try to offer fair prices and quality products to our customers. We are micro farming, which means we receive micro income from our sales. Our prices reflect the cost of our specialized feed, humane processing, custom packaging, minimal marketing sources, animal housing and equipment costs. We hope to pay our bills at the end of every month, just like everyone else.


If you have any questions about our farm or our farming practices, please let us know!