archived 4/2/2015



The weather is magical lately, isn't it? The perfect balance of sun, wind, dry ground and daylight hours. Like many folks this is my favorite time of year.

We are in constant motion. All of the projects that were laying on our shoulders throughout the frozen season can finally come to fruition. I feel as though we are running again, as fast as we can, to beat something... I don't know what exactly. Maybe I am anticipating the scorching heat of summer, the soggy soil and tick checks that come with the joy of tomatoes and sunflowers. At any rate the farm is transforming into something new all over again.  Our once milking barn has become the farrowing house for our newest additions. Our campsite is now a pasture for our milk cow as we wean the calf. And the big project we are undertaking as of late, is an on-farm market stand.  We hope to have something together in the next few weeks, and much like everything else, it will be a continually evolving experiment.


This week we will be at the Franklin County Farmer's Market pavilion with some other great vendors from 9:30-11:00am. We are having an Easter special this week too!