Mountain Workshops

October has been a busy month on the farm. We are closing down the garden, prepping hoop houses for winter, moving hogs from one pasture to another and creating new spaces for next years growing season.

In addition to regular farming life we have had our first ever birthday party on the farm. There was a scavenger hunt into the woods to seek out a snitch from Harry Potter, a pinata filled with spooky spiders and a table filled with pumpkin juice, fire whiskey, elf wine and every flavor jelly bean. It was a beautiful day to share with family and friends.

We are so very grateful for the opportunity to have our history documented by the very talented Laura McClintock. The Mountain Workshops were focused on Frankfort this year and many of our farmers at the market were followed for a week to document everyday life in Kentucky. The significance of this project is not lost on me. I look forward to the day when my children scan the images and remember their childhood as seen through the eyes of a passing visitor. 

You can view our story and many others here: Mountain Workshops.